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  • Are you a coach, trainer, consultant, expert of any kind, who wants to serve more and better clients, so YOU make an even BIGGER impact
  • Or a small business owner who wants to grow your company so YOU are completely autonomous and independent
  • Do you want to create more, bring more value to this planet, so YOU have a contribution to changing the world?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, read further

I would like to invite you to access this system, so you build your smart online sales funnel to finally generate business online.

I Believe Small Businesses Are Significantly Contributing to Changing the World. 

I also believe that we are no longer talking about B2B or B2C, but we are in the H2H area (human to human). 

 The rules of the game have changed…

As expert, as small business owner, now it’s YOUR time to shine, to thrive, to dominate your niche! 

This is why I am doing this now. 

Because I want to… 

Empower YOU to Unleash the Full Power of YOUR Business 

This is completely DIFFERENT to anything you've experienced before, because you'll be CREATING your smart online sales funnel so by the end of the system, not only you have designed your customer's journey and written your ad and messages, but you also have the know-how to build any sales funnel you want. 

It's not training, there is no theory. 

You simply follow a 5-step system! 

Just ACTION. No fluff!

Create Your Smart Online Sales Funnel to Attract IDEAL Clients with Consistency and Predictibility

The guaranteed minimum that you'll achieve by the end of the system:

  • Design your customer's journey where you take people from "I don't know you" to "I want to buy from you"
  • Craft clear messages that ATTRACT your best clients 
  • Create a lead capturing page, where visitors will give your their email address, so you can communicate with them further 
  • Craft the RIGHT Facebook ad to drive traffic to your lead capturing page


Note! Before you start building the smart online sales funnel you'll go through very simple exercises, where you'll understand your business. Yep! This is for real. Most entrepreneurs consultants, coaches and small business owners I’ve worked with have mixed info, and find it difficult to articulate compelling messages to generate interest in what they do. 

You only proceed to building your funnel when you have CLARITY in your mind! 

Because… No Clarity Means No Sale 

Your GIFT for reading so far... 

If you want to sell more, for higher prices and with no efforts on your side, you need to do ALL of the below:

  • Describe the person YOU WANT to buy your product / service, to the point you include their challenges, their frustrations and what makes them happy 
  • Describe the situation of your potential client that makes THEM WANT to buy the type of product or service you offer 
  • Tell precisely where your potential clients are, and how they spend their time and what THEY WANT from life 
  • Set up a system that generates leads without you being involved, so you can do what YOU WANT with your time
  • Craft clear & short messages that attract your potential client’s interest and make THEM WANT to be around you


Missing ANY of the points above, you most likely ruin your potential sales. 

This is the reason why you finish this system with all of the above sorted. 

Youll follow the Smart Online Sales Upgrader™ :

This system contains all the steps you need so you can implement your Sales Funnel.

You can follow these stepts or you can pass them on to somebody who loves technologie to set everything up. Or maybe to your own marketing team


The system applies in any of the following industries:

  • Professional services (consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers, authors, accountants, financial planners) 
  • Specialised services (architects, engineers, designers, website developers, social media, lead generation) 
  • Intermediaries (insurance brokers, real estate agents) 
  • E-commerce (SaaS, digital products)
  • Retail selling a product that requires explanation


Here’s What You Need to Do Next

  • Scroll down and invest in the system
  • After we receive your payment, you'l get the access to all materials and workbooks via email.
  • You start following this system and buid your Sales Funnel
  • You'll tell us you results.

If you don't feel like implementing the technical stuff yourself, my team will do it for you (additional service). 

I'm looking forward to working with you!


Your Smarter Profits Accelerator

PS. What do you think your life is going to look like in 12 months-time when you have implemented what your business needs right now? 

…and the opposite is also true: 

How will you feel 12 months down the line if you don’t change anything?

If you are the kind of person who wants to have TOTAL CONTROL of every aspect of your business without controlling it 

If you are fed up with paying experts who still don’t solve your business problems 

If you are committed now to investing to transform and grow your business, so you achieve your objectives fast 

Then I’d Like to Help You


Known across Europe and USA as the Smart Profits Accelerator, Ozana had several businesses in consulting, retail, clothing, even used cars and tech start-up.

”If you want someone who’s done it all to help you increase your profits and take your business to truly serve you, get Ozana as your mentor. She sees through any business and, within minutes, she tells you where you are missing on making seriously more money.” 

Why me? Because after I brushed off with bancrupcy, I had to reinvent myself and I discovered what really takes to be successfull in the current competitve market. With Tooliers we now sell successfully around the world. I am on the Advisory Board for CASS Business School, I received an award for the Most Innovative Business Model from the Business Woman Magazine, I get to share the stage with top experts (I've even been on Tony Robbins' stage), I wrote an Amazon best-seller, I got voted top 100 Women in Tech in Silicon Valley and much more that you probably don’t care... And the biggest reason is because I can help you design your business to serve you and to maximise your profits. This means you will totally LOVE your life and achieve your purpose. 


If you were to invest in an MBA, you'd spend more than $100,000 and not get the practical actions we do together. If you were to employ a consultant, you may be paying $10,000+ and you may get a system that is duplicated from another company, which doesn't truly reflect you and your business. 

This is why this is your UNIQUE opportunity to build the exact system that makes sense for YOU right now. 

ONLY £ 2,997



I'm ready to prove everything I claim.

To be sure you invest correctly in this system, I guarantee that the Sales Funnel that you will build after following the entire system will work. Otherwise, I will return your investment.

This way there's NO chance of you making a mistake with your investment and the risk is absolutely on me! 

Questions? Contact us at


You don't have time? Guess what! I kept being busy without results for 3 years... until I discovered how to do 20% of the work for 80% of the results. 

What are you choosing? To deal with your daily routine, or to invest in this business transformation system, so you set up a sales funnel that generates business for you while you sleep and ATTRACT clients rather than having to beg or push for the sale

Money is tight? This is precisely why you need to invest in this system! Because the system you'll create is YOUR passport to FREEDOM. Because once you invest in building your Smart Online Sales Funnel, you'll continuously generate business so you will never again have to worry about money.

Tried Facebook ads with no results? No wonder! After appling this system, you'll use Facebook ads to direct traffic into your Smart Online Sales Funnel and not to your website! It's also possible that people didn't even click on your ads - because the ad wasn't right or the targeting was not done properly.

You already use consultants, coaches or even a marketing agency? That's great! It means you are the kind of person who takes business seriously and you know your business can be much better. Invest into this system to go fast track!

No resources to keep up with the work? Let me ask you this: if you knew for sure that by investing in doing certain activities you'll get the business you want, if you got access to the knowledge to do what your business needs, are you telling me that you won't find the resources? Of course you will! And you will even find the money to invest, when you know FOR SURE you'll recover your investment and get much more out. You are a business person! You know what I am talking about :)

I paid others in the past and I am still struggling... I know how you feel, as I felt the same not long ago. You may be surprised: the total amount I spent so far in training, conferences, paying experts to do things for me, and my own mistakes is close to $500,000. It's due to my previous frustration that I decided to do this event. Because I am fed up with so many people claiming to help entrepreneurs, but they haven't got results themselves. 

Invest in this system to end your struggle!

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