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ONLINE PROGRAM Smart Business Starter 

  • 30 hours of content scheduled over three months, lifetime acces
  • 3 online CLARITY sessions with Ozana Giusca
  • Guranteed results for anyone who follows the steps
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This Program is about LEVERAGING WHO YOU ARE to built the business that is most relevant for you, that represents you, that you leave as your legacy.

Do not sign up if you are not ready to take action, and put in the work to transcend your dreams into reality!

This Program is for you if:

  • You want to start your own business
  • You have an idea for a business and dont now where to start
  • You have a passion and you want to transform it into a successful business
  • You don't have an idea or a passion but you are certain you want to do something on your own
  • You have more ideas and not sure which one is best for you right now
  • You already started but you have no idea how to monetize (be it a blog, a community, a hobby that others appreciate....)
  • You have a full fledged business which does not generate the returns you desire

And most importantly if

  • You know you can do more
  • You had enough of relying on others to get the money you need
  • You want a more flexible program
  • You want to be in control and to leave a legacy, something that represents you

This program is not: 

  • Introduction to business. We assume that participants are aware of business basics
  • A theoretical course. This is about taking action. We explain the strategy and tactics, and then you apply everything on your own business, in your own way, guided by us 
  • It's not a series of videos you simply watch. It's dynamic and interractive, because it is building YOUR business in YOUR way!

This program is:




3 Months - 3 Modules The program unfolds over a period of 3 months, starting by creating your own plan. Then you design your own irrezistibile offer and generate sales. Everything is delivered online and you will have monthly access to the new materials we create so you achieve your objectives fast. You have direct access to one of our team experts.

MODULE 1: From your idea to the plan that works

You will understand clearly

  • Exactly where you want to get to with this business
  • Your mission and how your business adds value to your clients and beyond
  • Most importantly, how to communicate with your potential clients so they get it super fast . When they resonate with you, they will do business with you

Your plan consists of

  • The three crucial elements: vision, mission, objective
  • Identify precisely your clients and best channels to reach them 
  • The number of units you need to sell so you reach your desired income, in your pocket 
  • The resources (human and material) you need to reach your objective within the next 12 months 

Module 1 consists of:

  •  Prerecorded 5 hours webinar
  •  Workbook
  •  One Q&A online session with Ozana Giusca
module 2 create irresistibile offer

Module 2 contains:

  •  Webinars, Videos & Workbooks
  •  Super Copy Formula™ 
  •  One Q&A online session with Ozana Giusca

MODULE 2: Create Your Irresistibile Offer

You will understand clearly

  • How to build your irresistibile offer
  • How to determine the right price for your product or service
  • How you showcase your offer (using the right words so people buy instantly)

The objective here is to clearly define your offer so your clients know it is right for them, and to say 'yes'. 

You want to showcase your product or service as being the solution to the problem your potential clients have. It's not just about displaying your product. It's about designing the offer (which is more complex and makes the difference between selling or not selling).

In order to create this offer, you will follow the steps we have created for you (including 10 customers' interviews). You will have everything you need, step by step, so you can perform these interviews without feeling lost, without being afraid that you don't know where to start.  

You will feel at ease because you will know exactly what you have to do, what to ask when talking to potential clients, no matter how though they may seem, because you follow a guided process. 

Based on the answers you will:

  • Show your product / service as being the best solution for your potential client 
  • Adjust your plan to be as close as possibile to reality. 

MODULE 3: Reach Your Clients and Make Your First Sales

You will clearly undertand how to reach your clients

  • Selling process (how someone gets to pay you)
  • Promotion channels (how your message reaches the potential clients so they want you) 
  • Costs and hidden loopholes within the client acquisition process
  • Sales people vs sales system
  • Introduction to the customer journey (from "I don't know you" to "I want to buy from you")

You will have a clear understanding on how to present yourself online

  • How to best show yourself online so people know about you and come to you
  • The best channels for you and how to approach each of them
  • Mistakes and traps using social media

You will clearly understand how to promote yourself online so people buy your products and services

  • Morever, you will understand why to use Facebook and how to start
  • How to create a Facebook campaign that sells - The 7 Steps System
  • How to generate sales via emails

Modulule 3 contains:

  •  Webinar, Videos & Workbooks
  •  Your website, profits generator
  •  One Q&A online session with Ozana Giusca

"Thank you from my heart for the value I got from the Smart Business Starter - From Idea to The Plan and also for your highly pleasant company.

What I've got today from this seminar is a superfocused, effective and clear work guide to kick off my business.  

I'm thankful and delighted for the inspiration to have attended this seminar."

Cerasella P, Entrepreneur

Launch Offer

Option 1 Payment in Full $1,997 $997 

Once payment is received, you have immediate acces to the first module. If you wish to go fast, you can request all modules

Option 2 Monthly Subscription (3 tranches) $797 $447 

Once payment is received, you have immediate acces to the first module. The remaining materials are released on a monthly basis

If you have any questions, please contact my colleague Vivi who is pleased to help you: ‭+44 7493 920353‬  

I'm convinced this program opens new horizons for you. To assure that you're making the right decision investing with us, I provide you this gurantee:

If you consider that the program was not a good use of your time and money, and if you do not make your own plan to start the business that trully represents you, after the first pre-recorded webinar, I fully refund you. You need to let me know within the first 14 days of the program.

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