Master Your Influence

Master In Influence

15-16 June 2019 | 10.00 - 18.00

Cismigiu Hotel, Blv. Regina Elisabeta 38, Bucharest This event is held in English


Master In Influence

Whether you’re a parent, a business owner, an employee, a student, in a relationship or interact in any way shape or form, you influence others. We all do! Most of the time we do this unconsciously, in a way that we prefer, in a way that we were thought by our environment.  

The key to becoming Master in Influence is being conscious of the ways in which you communicate with others and how others like to be communicated to so it feels natural.  

The power of influencing is the most valuable skill you can have. Why? Because it is the difference between winning or losing, between success and failure, in business and in your personal life.  

Master your influence and you’ll understand why people do what they do. Once you understand what drives people, you’ll be able to build strong relationships in which people feel valued and appreciated.  

During this workshop you will learn and experience: 

  • What drives human behaviour; why we do what we do  
  • How we learn and we can become masters  
  • The 3 influencing styles  
  • How to build rapport with anyone quickly, easily and effortlessly  
  • What’s your preferred style of communicating and how that impacts others  
  • How to become flexible in your communication with others  
  • How to deliver your message in a way that impacts others  

Oscar van Rooij – YOUR FACILITATOR

Oscar van Rooij is an international speaker, facilitator, mentor, coach and Tony Robbins trainer. 

For over 20 years Oscar has been involved with the Red Cross, Street kids in Brazil, Global Youth Leadership programs and Professional & Personal Development with companies and individuals from around the globe. 

In his role as Red Cross ambassador, member of the board of the SooS Foundation, co-founder of iKids Academy, team leader of the Anthony Robbins Foundation and trainer for Tony Robbins, Oscar had the privilege to speak to thousands of teenagers and adults on topics as Leadership, Contribution and Empowerment. 

Prior to founding his own business and taking a sabbatical exploring Europe in a motorhome with his then 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son, Oscar was responsible for People development at a FTSE 25 company and being involved in many charities organisations devoting his time, skills and passion in making a difference in peoples lives. 

Today Oscar is working together with different organisations creating a change in companies, schools and individuals through facilitating impactful and engaging events, training and coaching programs. His do whatever it takes attitude, combined with his presence and energy enables him to engage at a deeper level allowing people to discover and unlock their personal and professional power.

This event is brought to you in Romania by Ozana Giusca

Ozana Giusca is a born entrepreneur who has run businesses in retail, fashion, consulting and technology, and worked in corporate finance, investment banking and venture capital in London. She was voted in the Top 100 Women in Tech in Silicon Valley and awarded “Most Innovative Business Model” by Business Woman magazine. She is also an Amazon bestselling author. Her latest book, Business Unlimited, is a series of seven volumes with 101 strategies to take any business to the next level. Ozana is a visiting lecturer and member of the Advisory Board at London’s Cass Business School, where she received her MBA. Ozana produces her own show on Bizi Live TV. Ozana is the founder of Tooliers, the online platform with affordable high-end business growth tools, and creator of the Smart Business System™, which empowers new and established entrepreneurs to build their true Smart Business. Known as the Smart Profits Accelerator, she is renowned for her uncanny ability to immediately identify why a business is stuck and to leverage its existing strengths to significantly increase profits and reach full potential. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Ozana is now a British citizen, living in London with her life partner and son. Discover more about Ozana at 


15-16 June 2019 | 10.00 - 18.00 Cismigiu Hotel, Blv. Regina Elisabeta 38, Bucharest 

  • 10-15June
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