Smart Business Accelerator™

Smart Business Accelerator™

 Strategic Workshop


16-17 Jul 2019 10am - 4pm

London, address communicated upon registration

Ozana Giusca, Smart Profits Accelerator 

10 Seats, Small Group for Maximum Value

You leave with YOUR personalised plan of actions to implement so you increase your sales, your prices and impact, and achieve your objectives FAST 


Gain Clarity & Leverage Your Business for Maximum Profits and Impact

Start applying Smart Business System™ to:

  • Position yourself and your solution smartly to create big demand and command the right prices
  • Leverage what you've got so you make it BIG in the current economy 
  • Serve more people so you make a huge impact and GAIN the RESPECT you deserve 
  • Build your personal and company brand without paying for PR 
  • Adjust your business to serve you – which means you live your dream life

And most importantly, GET CLARITY ON YOUR BUSINESS because we work together to apply everything specifically to YOUR business!

BONUS: Discover 11 mistakes that can kill 97% of your potential sales


  • Grow your SMART Business into a scalable, strong business that truly serves you
  • Step-by-step guided approach to tweak your business so it thrives in the 21st century
  • Access the exact tested blueprints and tools that my team and our clients use to maximise profits
  • Set up your system so your business grows exponentially without any more resources or time
  • Get the crucial know-how to become a significant player in your niche 

We limit the number of participants to 10, so you get the attention you deserve. This means you will have my personal support throughout.

Smart Business System™ 

7 Subsystems to Build Your SMART Business 

What will happen?

  • Ozana walks you through the system as you generate your own ideas – because the system is designed to be adjusted to each participant's business 
  • We discuss your strategies to ensure you go on the right path without feeling overwhelmed 
  • You gain clarity on your business model, offer, positioning and everything that matters to be successful in today’s economy 
  • You will design your customer’s journey so they move from “I don’t know you” to “I want to buy more from you” 
  • We will work in a relaxed environment where you get feedback on the spot so you are sure you won't make the classic mistakes 
  • You will slightly tweak your business so you achieve your objectives faster




Implement What You Discover & You...

  • Grow your revenues by a minimum of 30% this year 
  • Adapt your business to work in a competitive market 
  • Save hundreds of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes 
  • Build your online system to generate business online 
  • Increase your prices and have your products fly off the shelves

So You No Longer Have To... 

  • Do unsuccessful and costly marketing activities 
  • Experience no-takers for your offer 
  • Waste time and energy on client meetings or sales presentations 
  • Get frustrated by excessive time spent on social media activities 
  • Attend boring, time-consuming networking events 
  • Compete on price and undersell your product or service just to get business 
  • Wait ages for that sale to happen
Strategic Workshop to Achieve Your Objectives Fast by Ozana Giusca
Build Your Smarter Business to Maximise Profits and Impact

Why Ozana Giusca?

Because I’m passionate about business and known for my ability to immediately identify why a business is stuck. I’ve helped over 100 business owners, experts and professionals to double and triple their sales over the past three years. 

And because I’ve been there... I’ve run various businesses in my career, including a finance consulting company that almost went bankrupt during the 2008 economic crisis. I had to reinvent myself completely and learn fast how to make Tooliers (my platform for online business growth tools) work in the modern marketplace. 

Because I want to give power to the small businesses and to reduce the entrepreneurial struggle. Because I can help you design your business to serve you, so you live your dream life. 

Get more info on me here.

List of industries that have successfully applied Smart Business System™

  • Consulting services: management, finance, taxes, accounting, real estate 
  • Coaches, trainers, consultants, personal development professionals, HR professionals, psychotherapists 
  • Other professional services, including IT solutions 
  • High ticket services for corporations 
  • Medical services: dental, skin care, plastic surgery 
  • Creative services: architecture, design, interior design, photography, art 
  • Health and beauty: nutrition, personal training, make-up, cosmetics, hairstyling 
  • Physical products: fashion, luxury items, health, cosmetics, fishing & hunting, cars

Is Smart Business Accelerator™ Really for You?


  • You spend too much time thinking about your business idea and need to get to action 
  • You’ve acquired the expertise and now is the time to build something on your own or to start helping others with your knowledge
  • You want to bring your corporate expertise in your own start-up
  • You have a product that will changethe world and not quite sure how to bring it to the market
  • You are frustrated with trying things that seem to work for others but don’t bring you results 
  • You have a brilliant idea that can make the world a better place, or you have many ideas and are not sure which has the most potential


  • You’ve been a one-man show for too long and it’s time to build a proper business 
  • You feel frustrated about having invested so much time and energy into your business and not getting the results expected  
  • Everyone tells you how great you are at what you do, but you don’t seem to get enough clients 
  • Your business relies on a small number of clients, which makes you feel insecure 
  • You’ve paid various experts to bring you business, but word-of-mouth is the only thing that seems to work 
  • You want to stop trading your time for money 
  • You want to serve more clients so you have a bigger impact and leave a legacy 


  • You are always busy, but you won’t stop because you want even more 
  • You feel under pressure from your competitors to lower your prices and it is increasingly difficult to avoid a price war 
  • Your products or services are great quality, but your business eats up all your time and you are tired of sacrificing your personal life 
  • You are losing business even though you’re not doing anything wrong or different to when your business was in full swing 
  • You feel the economy is changing and you are not sure how to adapt to the new way people buy (including online) 
  • You have more options to grow your business and want to be certain you take the right decision
  • You want to leave a solid business behind to make you and your family proud


Dr Rasha Rakhshani-Moghadam  

I’d never been to a workshop like this before and I was a bit scared because I didn't know anything about online sales funnels. But Ozana makes it very easy to understand. What I liked the most was that even though every participant had a different business, Ozana could address each person according to their needs and answer them specifically. 

Lilyanna Marks, Owner, Harley Street Elite Clinic This workshop gave me the right direction to grow my clinic. It was exactly what I needed. Mainly because it was very well organised, we could work on the businesses of each participant. Exercises were practical and now I feel confident to move forward. I know what to do so I don't waste any more money on advertising, and to bring in the right clients!  

Michelle Felix Founder and CEO Michelle Felix Group  

Big thanks for delivering Smart Business Accelerator. 

I love your holistic approach to strategy which I believe is the key to success. I also very much appreciate your down to earth, open and professional persona.


This is your opportunity to really make a difference in your life and in the world

  • London, will be communicated upon registration

  • 16-17 Jul 2019

  • 10am - 4pm


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