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Tired of wasting money and energy on marketing activities that don’t produce expected results?

Fast Track Implementation Plan BLOGGING

MASTER BLOGGING WITHIN A MONTH Put an end to time wasted on reading blogs, books and reports and accumulating information you never benefit from.

The Blogging Fast Track Implementation Plan is the SOLUTION you have been looking for, without knowing it

Who is it for?

  • Start-ups  
  • Solo-entrepreneurs  
  • Small businesses  
  • Medium businesses


  • This is not another report or a training course 
  • There is nothing for you to study 
  • This is purely for you to act on

This is for you if:

  • You know nothing about blogging 
  • You’re present on blogging 
  • You’ve been active on blogging for a while and want to ensure you extract maximum value from now on

This is NOT for you, if:

  • You’re not the kind of person who takes action 
  • You don’t want to increase your sales 
  • You’re happy with the results you get from your current website, emails, flyers, social media activities, events

Why Choose This Fast Track Implementation Plan? The quickest way to master Blogging

Real, actionable, easy to implement 

Takes the confusion out of Blogging by walking you through the entire process.

Effective, interactive, fun

Each action is delivered right to your inbox. Print worksheets and write on them. Our framework, your content.

Results oriented

Take action and master this tactic within a month.

Blogging Fast Track Implementation Plan Grow a community of qualified prospects around your online assets.

Look at blogging as your own digital magazine. When you make it informative, entertaining and engaging, people appreciate it, read it and share it. Blogging is part of a “Content Marketing” strategy; i.e. using content to attract more leads, opportunities and potential customers.

  • 13 Actions 
  • 74 Steps 
  • Cost to implement: vary depending on what you do and whether you hire a technical specialist
  • Time to implement: 15–30 min per day 
  • Time to completion: 1 month

This Action Plan guides you step-by-step to setting up your blog or improving what you currently have, and blogging like a pro. In the next month you will:

  • Understand how your competitors use their blogs 
  • Clarify the purpose of your blog 
  • Write and publish your first blog post (or improve your existing posts) 
  • Use killer titles and other secret weapons to make your content irresistible 
  • Create a plan to monitor and evaluate your success 
  • Share your irresistible content on other blogs and on social media 
  • Get the resources you need, in case your team is too busy or doesn’t have the skills to blog.

By the end of this exercise, your blog will have all the elements necessary to increase audience over time, and you will be one giant step ahead of your competitors.

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What is Blogging?  

Blogging is a way of sharing your knowledge with your target audience, in order to provide value to them and, in turn, bring additional audience to your website. Blogging creates interest for your products and services, generates awareness of your brand and brings more qualified leads to your sales funnel. In a blog, you write on any subject that is linked to what your company does. This is your way of giving free information to your audience. In exchange for sharing information via blogging, you are likely to get 70% more enquiries from your website and see an increase in your sales. • Blogs are a way to quickly share news, updates and the latest research related to your business. • Blogs also help to create a “personality” for the website and brand. • Blogs are distributed to your subscribers.

Increase (relevant) traffic to your website

Have more content for your social media platforms  


Showcase your expertise and build trust


Educate / motivate / inform your clients or customers

An Incredibly Simple Yet Powerful Way to Grow your Business 

Buy now and get a FREE 60-min advisory session with one of our senior partners, to use within 30 days of purchase.

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