Efficient & Fun Work


Efficient & Fun Work This session is inspired by Tony Robbins, via Unleash the Power Within and Business Mastery

Empower your employees by aligning their needs with their responsibilities. Create a work environment that uplifts, with reduced level of stress.  

This is a one-day training at your premises for your employees, so they become better and more committed at work, and, as a result, your organisation becomes more efficient.  


This training is especially valuable because it may uncover the weakest links in your organisation which may be holding you back without you realising it. 

Employees’ gains

  • Understand who they really are and align their job to what they want, so they immediately reduce stress in their daily life 
  • Understand how to fulfil their needs in a sustainable way, and the reasons why they have not accomplished what they wanted, so they become more aware and know what to do next 
  • Create WIN-WIN so your employees learn to problem solve and build excellent teams 
  • Become better communicators both at work and in their everyday life, which reduces frustrations of not being heard or understood  
  • Become keener to learn and evolve, so they keep up with the current changing environment 
  • Understand how to eliminate the obstacle between them and what they want 
  • Gain the 3 empowering beliefs, which means that they will be keen to embark on new challenges and solve problems with ease  
  • Gain individual strength through Inner Power  
  • The 3 skills every person needs to maximise their chances of getting what they want from another person, including getting the job done properly and on time  

As a result, they feel better and happier and are more committed at work.

Your organisation’s immediate gains:

  • Employees communicate better so they reduce misunderstanding and thus the time required to complete a task  
  • Employees understand themselves and realise the value they get from their job, so they are more committed to the organisation 
  • Procrastination is a thing of the past 
  • Employees get a set of tools to use in their communication and problem solving so they are more willing to get things done 
  • Employees understand that their pay is a result of the value they create for the company, and if they want more, they need to give more 
  • Employees understand how to make their clients feel happier, only based on how they communicate with them, everything else being equal  
  • Employees become more aware that they need to respond positively every time they are asked to do something, so they will never ignore a task or request, even if they don’t know how to handle it 
  • Managers become leaders, because they sharpen their skills in leveraging their teams for maximum results  

As a result, the organisation is more efficient and people achieve much more, faster.

This session is for...

This session is equally important for small, medium and large companies, because your best employees are those who are motivated by growing personally. By offering them this interactive and fun session, they will feel they are evolving, thus they will be more committed to your organisation. As a result, they will simply add more value for the company. Regardless of you having 10 employees or 100 emplooyees or 1,000 employees, this session will change the way your employees see their jobs. They will be more effective on a daily basis. 

Why Ozana Giusca?

Ozana Giusca is a born entrepreneur who has run businesses in retail, fashion, consulting and technology, and worked in corporate finance, investment banking and venture capital in London. She was voted in the Top 100 Women in Tech in Silicon Valley and awarded “Most Innovative Business Model” by Business Woman magazine. She is also an Amazon bestselling author. Her latest book, Business Unlimited, is a series of seven volumes with 101 strategies to take any business to the next level. Ozana is a visiting lecturer and member of the Advisory Board at London’s Cass Business School, where she received her MBA. Ozana produces her own show on Bizi Live TV.  

Ozana is the founder of Tooliers, the online platform with affordable high-end business growth tools, and creator of the Smart Business System™, which empowers new and established entrepreneurs to build their true Smart Business. Known as the Smart Profits Accelerator, she is renowned for her uncanny ability to immediately identify why a business is stuck and to leverage its existing strengths to significantly increase profits and reach full potential.

Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Ozana is now a British citizen, living in London with her life partner and son.  

Discover more about Ozana at www.ozanagiusca.com. 

"Although I knew some concepts, I have now refined my understanding of the interaction between two people. The essence of any action you do in life is the interaction: between colleagues, partners, etc. I have found that you need to clarify what the other person wants so you can improve your offer and make it more appealing to them, which means they are more likely to take it. I also discovered how important it is to check with your client that what you deliver is exactly what they expect, so they are happy. Most importantly, I found out how important it is to appreciate the person you interact with, be it your client, colleague or boss. Ozana has made it clear to me that the sale starts in the company before it reaches our client. I have learned how to communicate with my team more effectively because of Ozana. THANK YOU. Also, thank you, Ozana for teaching me to DIG DEEP into the creativity of our team to become better listeners of our clients’ needs. "  

Alexandra Voicu, Sales Representative  

"As a result of this training, I aim to be more creative, to analyse myself, to leverage archetypes, to progress and to bring my highest contribution into what I do.I attended Ozana’s training to learn what I might be missing and I found it: CREATIVITY IS ALIVE! Ozana rocks and I’ll be forever grateful."

Cristina Voicu, Sales Representative  

“For me, the most important is that I’ve discovered how to have a more efficient communication, how to reconfigure my personal goals based on my needs and how to be creative rather than proactive. Ozana taught me that efficient communication was the key to reconfigure my goals, transform creativity and achieve growth”  

Ing. Marin Daniel Florin – Construction Department

Your options

1. Invest €2,000 + VAT  


2. Have a free 3-hour session, if you agree to the following: - Have minimum 200 participants for the entire session - Allow Ozana to invite participants to take a special offer to attend Unleash the Power Within, with Tony Robbins in London, April 2019 (and allow all the takers to participate without using their holiday allowance) 

If this session is delivered outside Bucharest, travel expenses will be paid by the company.  

This session is inspired by Tony Robbins, via Unleash the Power Within and Business Mastery 

  • 10am-6pm  
  • 1-hour lunch break 
  • Interactive 
  • Fun 
  • Practical  
  • Aha moments 

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