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Learn the Art of Communication and use the practical skills of powerful communication to increase your performance in all areas of your life

We are living in very challenging and trying times. How we communicate to ourselves and the people around us determines exactly what kind of results we get in any area of life and business. If you are feeling uncertain, there's a good chance that your internal dialogue is not serving you. Hence your communication with anyone in your household or your place of work will suffer as a result. 

This program gives you the practical fundamentals of powerful communication. The tools you gain will empower you to save the relationships that matter most to you. Learning how to communicate effectively puts you in control of the outcomes you want to create in your life and in your business.


  • Gain certainty in the middle of any uncertainty
  • Condition yourself to always perform at your best 
  • Breakthrough emotional blocks and help you heal unconscious trauma that sabotages your success
  • Help you connect more deeply with the people you love
  • Create more joy in your life even in the middle of this pandemic
  • Break free from the incessant chatter of your critical mind

Your trainer: Allan Kleynhans, world-class speaker and coach

Allan is in high demand as an International Speaker with clients around the globe, trained personally by Tony Robbins.

For three decades Allan has studied and worked with the best teachers in personal and spiritual development. 

Since launching his own training business in 2001, Allan has been helping people create extraordinary results personally and professionally. 

He is a world-class facilitator and an outstanding speaker – his deep passion for people comes from an inspiring drive to serve and make a difference in the lives of others.

This event is brought to you by Ozana Giusca

Known in the business world as the Smart Profits Accelerator, Ozana is firstly a woman, and then a business woman, an entrepreneur who evolves, also business consultant who helps small and medium size businesses to grow. She empowers entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives while they enjoy life. 

She has inspired and guided over 60,000 entrepreneurs from all continents, and has now started the BeYou.BeFree Movement, where she empowers people to have wealth, love and happiness. She has brought this program to Romania because she believes Romanians deserve and can have better lives, when they access the right tools. 

The movement has been inspired after Ozana succeeded to overcome her biggest suffering: the break up from her child's father after 12 years of relationship. Now Ozana lives the life she loves and offers the right tools to those who are ready to have a better life.

Discover more about Ozana at 

Become a powerful communicator to improve all areas of your life

Communicate with Power

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This live program sells for $997. You get 90% discount. Please play full out when listening to the recordings so you too get the transformation you need to go to the next level :)

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