Provocarea 1.000.000+

$1.000.000+ Challenge 

Increase Sales by $1,000,000+

  • Get: your 100% personalized plan to increase your turnover by over $1,000,000 
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Participants: Maximum 5 Business Leaders (required to have minimum $100,000 in sales)
  • Place: West London
  • When: 9 Jan 2019 | 10am-1pm
  • Investment: $297

My promise for your 3-hour investment: 

  • Discover 3 methods that can increase your turnover by $1,000,000+ (It may take 2 days, 2 months, 2 years ... depending on the current level of your business) 
  • Identify the right method for your business now and how to implement it 
  • Have more clarity on your business, because with an outside 'voice' you get strategic questions that you may have not considered before
  • Leave with a plan which will generate additional sales of $1,000,000+, during a period that we agree together

The 3 methods

#1 The ‘ONE Thing’ Leverage

We’ll find what works best for your business (selling of a product, a service, certain advertising, a sales funnel, a certain action) and we’ll amplify its results. The outcome depends on where your business is now.

#2 The 16x Multiplier 

We'll analyse 4 metrix which will tell us exactly where to focus. We'll then make certain adjustments so we can generate 16 times more profit. It is possible to make just one or two adjustments, depending on the state of your current sales system.

#3 The 10x Communication  

We will identify strategies to introduce one-to-many communication in your promotion and sales, because this is the most effective way to grow a business in 21st century.

 Why Ozana Giusca? 

With more than 20 years as an entrepreneur, with businesses in various fileds, I figured how to approach a business to scale and maximise its value. I can simply see through any business and I can identify what is holding it back. I can propose exactly what to do to get to the next level in the fastest way possible. 

Our clients tell us that they like working with us because we always think strategically and then we implement tactics. And this is exactly what we will be doing during this session: I will first share the framework of thinking to increase sales significantly and then we will decide on the strategies and tactics to deploy for the business of every participant.

So you leave with a clear plan of action to scale and exponentially increase your profits. 

This EXCLUSIVE event is for entrepreneurs who have a business and want more

You could be generating $500,000 or $5,000,000... the size of your business doesn't matter. What is most important is that you are determind to invest your time and energy to achieve more. 

Want to attend?

Simply click the button below and register yourself. 

I am absolutely convinced that this session will open new horizons for you. To ensure you make the right decision in investing 3 hours with us, I offer you the following guarantee:  

If you do not leave this session with at least one idea to bring minimum $10,000 in your own wallet during the next month, I will give you back twice the amount you've paid to attend this event.  

I'm this certain that the session is just what you've been looking for... even if you didn't know yet!  

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