Facebook Ads Bootcamp™

This product is no longer up to date

Facebook Ads Bootcamp™

Use the 7-Step Smart Facebook Ads System™ to build your two main campaigns, Website Clicks and Conversions, so you finally get results with Facebook Ads

Day 1: Foundation

  • Get familiar with Ads Manager and Power Editor, so you know when to use which for maximum efficiency
  • Understand how to organize your campaigns, ads sets and ads so you can easily track them and, above all, measure and optimize 
  • Understand how to target based on behaviour so you don't waste your budget communicating with people who are not relevant to your business
  • Know your metrix so you can monitor your campaigns and increase their performance (lower your costs) without getting lost in the confusing metrics Facebook shows to inexperienced users 
  • Leave with your first campaign correctly set to get relevant traffic

Day 2: Advanced

This is about the details that make the difference. Understand exactly how to:

  • Create audiences so you can communicate further with your potential leads and get them to buy from you.
  • Use pixels that communicate back to Facebook, so Facebook can optimize your campaigns for maximum results with a minimum budget.
  • Retarget your Audience so you have more interactions with your potential customers, simply to get them from cold potentials to warm, and then to buy .
  • Set up your conversions campaign so you generate leads that will then transform into sales.

What we do during the Facebook Ads Bootcamp™

We go through the entire 7-Step Smart Facebook Ads System™.  

First, you get the strategy explained, then each step (what to do and what not to do), and then you follow the instructions and perform that step in your own Facebook account. This is the simplest way to really master it.

Why attend?

  • Systematic approach. You follow our 7-step system so you know exactly what to do without feeling overwhelmed by too many details.
  • Discover the secrets that Facebook does not want you to know. Understand exactly what to do to be successful without paying unnecesary money to Facebook. By only watching online tutorials, you get side-tracked by performing actions that don't really help.
  • Easy metrics. Know exactly which metrics to monitor and how to interpret them so you optimize your campaigns and get the desired results with minimum ad spend. Eliminate the confusion that comes from the many metrics that Facebook shows (most don't rally matter!).
  • Personalised feedback. Get personalised feedback on your campaigns, and get all your questions answered
  • Empowerer yourself. Leave confident in your ability to set up any campaign from now on, because you will be able to apply the 7-step system with every campaign you create, and get results!

What participants say about the Facebook Ads Bootcamp™

This is not a theoretical course.

It is a PRACTICAL BOOTCAMP, during which we pass on to you the knowledge we have gained. Our knowledge and system come from many training sessions we've attended, and, most importantly, from our trial and error until we figured it out.

We did not get any sales from the first $ 2,000 invested in Facebook Ads, we did not get any sales, but we persevered, and we've cracked it. Then we developed the 7-Step Smart Facebook Ads System™, and now Facebook has become our primary tool to attract customers.  

During the past two years, we've generated over 30,000 leads and over 1,000 clients via Facebook Ads. This means that you too can generate business online, so you won't need to pray for others to promote you or have time-consuming discussions with people who do not buy from you.  

In fact, Facebook Ads gives you total control over your business, because you can increase your sales as much as you want using the 7-Step Smart Facebook Ads System™.

This Bootcamp is for YOU if you:

  • Want to get better results with Facebook Ads 
  • Have tried Facebook Ads and did not get the results you expected 
  • Realize that Facebook Ads can bring you clients, even if you operate in a niche industry 
  • Have heard about pixels and retargeting and you're confused with these concepts 
  • Want to invest in advertising on social networks and do not know where to start 

...especially if... 

  • Your goal is to improve the ROI of your Facebook campaigns 
  • Want to know step by step how to set up a performing campaign 
  • Want to use Facebook Ads correctly so you constanly get new clients