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The 7 WHYs Bootcamp™

Magnetic Communication to Become 1st Choice for Your Potential Clients

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  • Define your values that lead to magnetic communication with your ideal clients
  • Clarify the essence of your messages to stand out and create interest in your solution
  • Find your most powerfull messages to generate more business with ease

Why would you participate? 

During the 7 WHYs Bootcamp ™, you set the foundation for a distinctive, memorable and magnetic communication so you can generate more business with ease.  

Convincing communication conveys the uniqueness of your business, has the power to create credibility and emotionally move potential clients, conveys the beliefs and the deepest reason behind your business.  

When you get to this level of communication people care about your expertise, products and services. 

Efficient communication is extremely important for any company at any level, from start-up to the company with tens and hundreds of employees.

No matter how good your copywriter or marketing person is, they will not be able to communicate well if they don't have a clear and solid starting point. Beyond the mechanics of writing, there is a deeper essence that needs to be clarified in order to truly communicate verbally, which results in maximizing revenue and minimizing costs for any marketing activity.  

Did you have any difficulty in creating the content for your site, writing an email, blogging, maybe even posting on Facebook? 

Now you know why.

The problem is, when we copy or just get some inspiration from others, we come to look like a vase built of shards. I say this because that's how I felt when I went through this process back in 2011 when I launched Toooliers.  

And it is a pity not to communicate our uniqueness, what we trully are, at the depest personal level.

What is special about this bootcamp?

No one talks about the essence of businesses, no one offers practical help to define your key messages so you can communicate magnetically with your ideal clients.  

This 2-day bootcamp is a private mastermind with a small group of entrepreneurs with aspirations and similar ideas from non-competing sectors. 

100% interactive

The number of participants is limited so you get custom feedback and guidance from me to build your most magnetic key messages.  

What we do?  

I will walk you through the system and then we have brainstorming sessions where you answer the fundamental questions about you and your business, to connect the two. 

The questions are grouped into 7 categories, with supporting questions, examples and guidance so you can easily come up with your answers. 

You need this because no one is 'YOU', no one has gone through the challenges you've been through, no one feels like you, because you are UNIQUE.

The 7 WHY Categories: 

  • Why your solution?
  • What's your credibility?  
  • Why would anyone care about you? 
  • Why buy from you?  
  • What is your purpose? 
  • What's important to you?  
  • What's your mission?  

We then put the various answers together into clear magnetic messages that you can use any time you communicate. We want you to either become a leader in your industry or create a new niche, unique, which belongs only to you. 

You leave with: 

Your positioning message, short and to the point, which will be the basis for your communication

The key messages to be inserted in your communication so the world knows exactly who you/ your company are and why to do business with you

How to insert stories in your communication so you connect with your potential clients and they open to buying from you

You will really feel connected to your business, which will give you momentum to continue what you've started

Shortly after you start communicating this way, you will become the person / company your ideal clients will choose to buy from

You will leave with your positioning statement written in a short, simple, succinct and powerful way.  

You’ll feel so good being connected to the source of your credibility and you’ll instantly be positioned to your public as THE PERSON for that product or service you offer.

How can you participate?

The 7 WHYs Bootcamp™ is primarily targeted at our existing clients who have gone through the strategic workshop and bootcamps, based on the Smart Business System ™.  

Seats in this bootcamp are reserved for Ozana's Inner Circle ™ members. You probably haven't heard about it yet because it hasn't been released to the public. More info here.  

So this is limited to only 2-3 entrepreneurs who demonstrate that they can be included in the select group of participants, members of Ozana's Inner Circle ™.  

Answer a few questions, then we will have a discussion to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. This assures both of us that this bootcamp is suitable for you, and you can get the desired results from your participation.

Fill out a short form and then we talk. 

Your Investment

£2,997 or $4,343

London, Date to be announced

Payment plan available

This bootcamp is about connecting your business to your soul. Questions? Contact us at 

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