10x Sales Bootcamp™

Say goodbye to one-to-one meetings that lead nowhere and hello to 5 to 50 sales accomplished within 90 minutes


Date to be announced 10am - 4pm

London, address communicated upon registration

Ozana Giusca, Your Smarter Profits Accelerator

5 Seats, Small Group for Maximum Value

During this bootcamp we will introduce events as your marketing & sales tool using the 10x Events System™

This system empowers you to have 5 to 50 to 500 sales conversations in 90 minutes. It guides you to massively sell during workshops, talks or other events, while getting your potential clients to love you for the experience and information you provide

What we do together: 

  • Set the clear double objective for your event (it’s never only one!) 
  • Clarify the purpose of your event and why your ideal clients should attend, so you easily fill the room 
  • Build your talk so you can sell during the event even if you are novice when it comes to selling 
  • Organise your ideas in a structured framework so you have no fear or stress about speaking in public because you will know exactly what to say all the time (no need to memorise anything) 
  • Show the benefits of your product or service instead of overwhelming your audience with features they don’t care about, so you realise yourself how much value your clients get when they purchase your solution, which means you will comfortably ask for, and get, the right price
  • Put the spotlight on your product or service when we have the audience’s full attention 
  • Create an irresistible offer so people buy from you on the spot 
  • Build your personal brand for free so people come to you when they need what you have to offer 
  • As a side effect, get clarity on your own business and discover much more ways to increase your profits 

This bootcamp is not a public speaking course, or presentation techniques training This is strictly about generating business in ONE-to-MANY format!

We will use: 

The 7 Pillars Framework™ 

To structure your compelling talk so your message is taken on board and people buy from you

7 Pillars Framework by Ozana Giusca to Structure Your  Compelling Talk

The 3S Formula™ 

To introduce and present your offer so people want to know about it and then buy

3S Formula to Sell via Presentations by Ozana Giusca

The Irresistible Offer Matrix™

To engineer your irresistible offer so people buy on the spot

Irresistible Offer Matrix by Ozana Giusca



This Is Especially for You so You...

  • Double your revenues this year 
  • Increase your prices & have your products fly off the shelves 
  • Be recognised as the expert in your niche 

So You No Longer Have To... 

  • Experience no-takers for your offer 
  • Waste time and energy on client meetings or sales presentations 
  • Attend boring, time-consuming networking events 
  • Compete on price and undersell your product or service just to get business 
  • Wait ages for that sale to happen

Why Ozana Giusca?

After I invested in various training and coaching programmes, I figured out how to approach this whole 'seminar thing' properly. And I developed a system that works for ANYONE, because it adapts to every person, every product, every type of client and audience.  

I believe we are unique human beings, and what you get by working with me during this bootcamp is a system you can use in your own unique way, to represent you as you are and not as a copy of someone else.  

This is what I wish I'd had when I started out. And if I could shift from being fearful of being on stage to really enjoying it, so can you. Honestly, if I'm not in front of an audience every week these days, I feel I'm wasting my life, because this gives me so much pleasure and fulfilment.  

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This is your opportunity to really make a difference in your life and in the world

Note: This is a highly interactive private mastermind with a small group of like-minded peers who are participants from non-competing sectors. Numbers are kept small because you get individualised input from me as you work on your presentation with my direction and leadership.

  • London, will be communicated upon registration
  • Date to be announced
  • 10am - 4pm




For this bootcamp we don't offer a guarantee, because everything depends on you! This system is proven to work because it has delivered results for our clients who have put it into practice. However, those who do not deliver presentations after the bootcamp get no results, so it is better not to include such clients in this intimate bootcamp. This is why we don't offer any guarantee: we want all participants who apply for this bootcamp to be sure that they will put the system into practice. Otherwise it's better to leave the place for someone else who is willing to act. 

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